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When a customer walked in to buy some shotgun shells, he eyed Aaron’s Weimaraner Buddy and asked if the dog would bother him. Mack B tandem tractor also formerly owned by Ferguson Bros. By the time Tippin was 20, he was working as a commercial pilot. Not far from the winding Smith Fork Creek is a broad clearing in the valley, where a flat semi-circle of old iron and rubber curls up against a row of trees shown in photo above. Mack B with Holmes twin boom wrecker. I figured the fuel filter was plugged. In , Tippin released his third studio album, titled Call of the Wild.

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Chicken Truck

On the farm you learn to do what is necessary to get the job done. Hot Country Songs to Tippin’s second album, Read Between the Lineswas released in This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat The first old truck I bought was a ’74 Ford F dump truck.

They reside in Dowelltown, Tennessee. In the wake of the September 11, attackshe released the patriotic-themed song ” Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly “. You too embarrassed to come in?

You can’t help but feel good and holler a little bit! Later on I got into body building, so I’d train during the day and sing in honky tonks at night. I used it to haul rock from the quarry about two miles away. Altogether there are 13 old trucks, nine of them Macks, plus two old semi-trailers. So I asked myself, ‘Well, what else do I like to do? Co-written by Tippin with his wife, Thea, the song went to the top of the Billboard country charts, becoming his third and final Number One hit.


Tippin’s last release for Lyric Street was a single entitled “Come Friday”, which was slated to be included on an album entitled I Believed. Shown at right is Aaron’s favorite truck, a Mack B tandem tractor which formerly belonged to Ferguson Bros. He has not yet had a chance to restore any of his trucks, and said his biggest thrill is to pull start them and bring them back to life.

In a voice filled with emotion, Aaron said, “The biggest thrill saron me is to find an old Mack in the bushes, dig it out, put some good fuel in it, hook a chain to it, pull ‘er about 20 feet, and B-R-O-O-O-O-M, hear her come to life. Site Created by JParsons.

Truck Driver Songs: Aaron Tippin “Driving Fool”

We found an old tippin at a garage who had a fuel filter that fit, we changed it, and Pow! InTippin released his third studio album, titled Call of the Wild. Tippin’s singing voice is a baritonecharacterized by a heavy, nasal Southern twang.


Tandem dump semi-trailer formerly owned by Palmer Bros. Aaron hopes his gun shop in nearby Smithville will be his “retirement” when he is through with his music career. At any rate, Aaron’s old trucks should be around for years to come, “doin’ what they were born to do”workin’!

My dad was a professional pilot and I grew up lovin’ to fly. People Like Us was also certified gold. Mack B-Model parts truck. It was a good old truck, but it didn’t hold enough dirt to suit me.

His “bus time” is when he gets a chance to read up not only on old trucks, but also on guns and flying, two other hobbies. Archived from the original on 14 October Tippin switched to Lyric Street Records inwhere he recorded four more studio albums, counting a compilation of Christmas music. But I used to admire the Mack Bs-they were so good looking and so tough! Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

Mack B with Holmes twin boom wrecker. In the background is his Mack B with its Holmes twin-boom wrecker.