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By seeing how big the packet sizes are, you can quickly spot abnormal traffic flow, which can help track down or eliminate WLAN problems. Unfamiliar Client Indicates an unauthorized client is attempting to connect to the network. Contention Free Indicates that an access point is polling stations for transmission versus the more secure method of a station attempting to connect to an access point. This information can be useful if you are trying to determine peak WLAN traffic times, which can then be used to regulate bandwidth control settings, and more. How IoT, robotics, and AI are tackling one of the biggest problems of the century.

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Twisted Network Programming Essentials.

WildPackets launches AiroPeek and AiroPeek NX WLAN analyzers

Once you obtain the software, you will want to disable any virus protection software, remove previous versions of the software, and proceed through the airopewk process. The biggest complication is typically the need to install the WildPackets AiroPeek network driver for your network card.

At the time of this writing, we have found WildPackets to be one of the most courteous and responsive vendors in the industry. Channels When setting up multiple access points or WLANs in a local area, it is important to be sure that you avoid interference.

If you administer a large company with several WLANs, this is one program that might nc you gain control over a seemingly impossible task.

With the mapping tool, you can quickly spot intruders, bandwidth hogs, and unauthenticated traffic. This is a potential weakness of Expert Expert Analysis Expert is one of the features that separate AiroPeek from other programs that attempt to imitate it.


This website uses cookies. Log If there are filters, alarms, or other flags that you want to monitor when using AiroPeek, refer to this screen. The solution is simple enough—just plug into a wired network connection at the same time. Prior to the release of this tool, management of WLAN traffic was a difficult thing to accomplish. Although Telnet sessions are usually valid, if this traffic shows up unexpectedly, an administrator will want to investigate.

It is much easier to point your manager to a bold line representing traffic flow than to explain that user X is using all the bandwidth.

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When operating AiroPeek, there are several different views you can used to analyze data. In addition to real-time analysis, AiroPeek allows airpeek to save a capture file and replay the capture as if it were live. AiroPeek NX provides you with full logging capability.

This information can be useful if you are trying to determine peak WLAN traffic times, which can then be used to regulate bandwidth control settings, and more. Cyrus PeikariSeth Fogie.

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Recent additions to this program include rogue AP detection, support for By monitoring for various traffic patterns, AiroPeek can detect suspicious activity. Using preset flags, this feature allows xn to make AiroPeek NX a powerful anomaly detector. For example, if you were trying to track down an unauthorized access point, or interference problems, you would want to look at an overview of the data presented in this screen.

How self-driving tractors, AI, and precision agriculture will save us from the impending food crisis.

Product Review: The AiroPeek NX wireless sniffer tool

This can help you determine where to place clients and access points and how to manage WLAN bandwidth issues. Airopee short, this program airopesk the only diagnostic software you need to keep a watchful eye on any WLAN. As you can see in Figure 9. This program is a dream to use, has excellent features and informational tools, and is fairly easy to understand. We deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the people, and the products revolutionizing the planet. This type of traffic should be expected only when administrators are adjusting settings.


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The result is that even access points that have been hardened against NetStumbler and MiniStumbler will be visible to AiroPeek.

The most unique feature of AiroPeek, and possibly its biggest selling point, is its capability to act as an IDS. To do this, you simply open a capture file and sit back to watch the data flow. In fact, the only thing this program does not do is crack WEP protectionwhich is appropriate, as it is a commercial product meant to analyze WLAN traffic rather than serve as a hacker’s tool.