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If you are not seeing the version number, you are using version 1. If you have only one ip address, just leave out the second line. These are the options needed to get this driver running. For PPPoA it should look something like: Using interface ppp0 pppd[]: Go to the download page and install the “speedbundle”.

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The current developement version is available via anonymous cvs replace modulename with speedtouch.

Building and Installing the Kernel After configuring, this is easy! Debian users can use alien to change rpm packages into the Debian deb format.

Alcatel Speed Touch USB ADSL Modem 3EC18607CGAB01

Some possible tweaks Running without hotplugging. The hotplugging system does not yet support remove events. To mount it now type: The connection comes up, but it is very slow, especially upstream.

If you are using Mandrake 8.


It is entirely possible to run this driver without using the hotplugging package. Using interface ppp0 pppd[]: Configuring the kernel For easily configuring the kernel type: Off course, do not forget to replace the ‘x’ with your version number!

Alcatel Speed Touch USB ADSL Modem 3ECCGAB01 | eBay

If it says something like this: Both parts were originally released by Alcatel’s modem branchnow part of Thomson Multimedia. If you have, type: Troubleshooting When I plug in my modem, nothing happens. Please send details and system logs to the mailing list.

Finally, you will need to install an appropriate hotplugging script: Automatically speeetouch in at modem plugin. For PPPoA this should be something like this: There is a catch here though. Please upgrade to 1. If you have, type:. HOWTO made obsolete by speedbundle! The driver itself consists of two different parts.

Everything seems to work ok, but ppp refuses to connect. Sounds like a bug in the kernel module. The exact name does not matter, as long as it does not adzl.


You can either use the file mgmt. It is possible to have your system automatically dial in when your modem is plugged in. If you can choose, PPPoA has the least overhead and usn best performance If you wish to do this, you have to insert the speedtch.


From speedmgmt version 1. You will need to replace the two “user domain”s with your ADSL username. General You will need to download quite a few packages to get this thing running.

Now, go to the uusb directory.

If you want to dial in to your ISP, do the following: