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In this case Steve deserves the reputation he has for changing the world. At about the same time, Jonathan Seybold John W. Both machines were large, room-filling devices handling the combined output of many users. Apple has produced several lines of printers in its history, but no longer produces or supports these devices today. Retrieved March 6, You cannot find a piece of printed material today that our technology has not helped to create. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This particular machine was used in a business enterprise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Conditions of use Museums Victoria supports and encourages public access to our collection by offering image downloads for reuse.

Retrieved August 27, All replies Pronter Down menu.

LaserWriter – Wikipedia

With programs like Photoshop, you could manipulate the moon to dot the Transamerica Pyramid. The first desktop publishing program, Aldus PageMaker released July by Aldus Corporationwhich allowed text and graphics to be readily combined in columns. He recently recalled that at a publishing conference he attended, Paul Brainerd, chief of Aldus and developer of PageMaker, held up a book Bove had co-authored, Desktop Publishing With PageMakertranslated into Polish and printed on a LaserWriter.

To begin with, you may want to take a look at Grant Bennet-Alder’s replies to a not too different question: Laser printing traces its history to efforts by Gary Starkweather at Xerox inwhich resulted in a commercial system called the Xerox As long as you can get laser cartridges for the printers, I would use them till they died.


The LaserWriter was the first desktop printer to incorporate Adobe’s PostScript, a page description language that contained scalable typefaces and supported smoothly drawn graphics.

These connectors lassr attached to cables to form the AppleNetworking Cable System. I do have a Brother printer, but I also want to use the Apple printer.

Chapter Steve Jobs and the LaserWriter. As a result, the LaserWriter was also one of Apple’s most expensive offerings. In combination with WYSIWYG publishing software like PageMakerwrter operated on top of the graphical user interface of Macintosh computers, the LaserWriter was a key component at the beginning of the desktop publishing revolution.

The printter is, when everything is connected, the printer isn’t available in El Capitan under system preferences, printers and scanners, add new printer. The Apple LaserWriter released March with its built-in Adobe PostScript page description software was a key element in the arrival of what came to be known as the desktop publishing DTP revolution that changed the publishing industry.

LaserWriter 4/ on a newer mac – Apple Community

Bove is now manager of publishing and training at Deem, a business services company. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. LocalTalk option, EtherTalk option [51]. I would try using primter small dedicated printer server that supports a parallel port in addition to an Ethernet port. In the same time-frame as Apple’s LaserWriter, Adobe was licensing the very same version of PostScript to Apple’s potential competitors Apple’s PostScript licensing terms were non-exclusive ; however, all non-Apple licensees of PostScript generally employed one of Adobe’s PostScript “reference models” Atlas, Redstone, etc.


As the LaserWriter was launched, the term “desktop publishing” entered the vernacular. Black-and-white film made a comeback since snapshots could readily pronter scanned and output at near-newspaper quality from your desk.


The other key elements were: Chuck Geschke, Adobe co-founder and I attended. In San Francisco, neon “Desktop Publishing” signs glowed in storefronts and anyone with a couple of Macs and a LaserWriter could start a service bureau.

Despite his fall from grace at Apple, Jobs’ bet on LaserWriter proved prophetic. Retrieved from ” https: Download images Small x This page was last edited on 21 Marchat Can I reuse this image without permission? The StyleWriter was the first of Apple’s line of inkjet serial printers, targeted mainly towards consumers.