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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Man in Red- Lukey nattily dressed with his wife holding a serious camera. BT11A at Warwick Farm. This is still a controversial decision in the view of objective observers all these years later- he was punished a minute for his alleged misdemeanour. Ted Gray won the Longford Trophy on this clear but chilly Tasmanian weekend, to have heard the big, booming fuel-injected Chev V8 engined Tornado blasting its way around Longford would have been really something! The Stillwell Motor Group was a family business from the start.

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Even though the remains of the 19B were seen by various people at Elfins over the years the remains of the chassis have never seen the light of day and were probably, at some clearout, disposed of.

Six times Australian Hillclimb Champion from to And lastly, me at Rob Roy in my Type 35 Bugatti in We know nothing of this car and driver. Business end of the Tornado 2 Chev in the Longford paddock.

Bib Stillwell

Frank Matich was a professional racing driver, the family Weeties were provided by race and related commercial success, to win the ATT was therefore important to him.

Moss, not involved in the commercial aspects of the deal at all, righted the wrongs with a financial adjustment in favour of the Sydneysider.

They are not the only shots he took on the day mind you- others have already been posted on the Historic Racing Car Club of Tassie Facebook page and filched by me! Phil Irving was the designer and the modifier of this motor — still labelled H. Youl was 4 th in the first 3 NZ rounds and then travelled back to Australia before Teretonga to prepare for the first Australian round at Sandown where he finished 3 rd. The 30mph sign would not have deterred him.


Although he never won an Australian Grand Prixhe placed second in and driving a Cooper and a Repco-Brabham respectively, and third in and in Coopers. The Man in Red- Lukey nattily dressed with his wife holding a serious camera.

Bib Stillwell | primotipo

The 19B donated its gearbox and some other minor components to the Elfin build. This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat By the time he commenced racing Coopers he had well over 10 years of experience and was ready to take on anybody winning his first Gold Star in and the last in four on the trot. Bib bought a heap of stuff off Jack- Coopers, Brabhams and planes! The long shadows show that the photograph was taken in the early morning — I seem to recall that practice was at 6.

Grid positions for the 15 lap final were determined by the results of two heats; Matich comfortably led his until encountering timing problems with his Coventry Climax engine, Palmer took the win with John Youl victorious in the other heat. On this morning Stirling was struggling with locking brakes and again demonstrated phenomenal car control — I was crowd marshalling at about the point from where this photograph was taken.

McKay won, Cutler came in second. Chapman detailed the car with Len Terry also playing a role in its design. This process of continuous development racibg bits for all of his cars, factory built or otherwise, was sustained right to the end of his career in early Lovely frontal shot of Frank Matich, Lotus 19B Climax, this car probably the most highly developed of its type in the world-V8 variants excepted.


Suspension- inverted upper wishbone, single lower link and twin radius rods for location, coil spring damper units, no rear roll bar here.

He was appointed as a dealer for MG, Morris and Jaguar bub the Dealership was quickly recognised for excellence in sales and service.

Bib Stillwell | Racing career profile | Driver Database

But the Lotus shared the Matich transporter with the Brabham on the journey north to fettle the car in preparation for the ATT in November. When it became clear the Aston DBR4 would not arrive back in Oz in time for the 9 October Mallala race he sought an alternative and immediately thought of his Melbourne hib, friend and fellow Holden Dealer, Stillwell, who had five Coopers at the time according to Graham Howard!

March 29, in StillwfllFeatures Tags: The Intercontinental cars were typically fast Tauranac designs of the period. Bib put them to very good use mind you Kevin Drage.

Businesspeople from Melbourne births deaths Tasman Series drivers Australian racing drivers Racing drivers from Melbourne. Off to Queensland, at Lakeside, he was driving away from everybody before the engine let go- a Weber ingested a stone and the expensive motor went ka-boom on lap 8. Soon Repco were making Climax parts and eventually building the engines in totality bi licence in Australia.

Templestowe Hillclimb in outer eastern Melbourne, September