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It has a built-in bit CPU and the operating synchronized frequency is Ink cartridge BCI Black: The Canon Auto Sheet Feeder holds up to 30 sheets of standard or legal-size paper, 5 envelopes or 10 transparencies – so you can enjoy hands-free printing wherever you go. Charging finished If an internal error should occur while charging, the error indicator will be take precedence over the charging indicator POWER indicator Indicates whether the printer is on line or offline. The new IEEE compatible cable has a slim printer connector and it is less bulky than connector cables used in previous models. When the printer has received over bytes of data, when the data reception even for data less than bytes has been interrupted for over 3 seconds, or when the power has been turned off before over bytes of data is received or before over 3 seconds of data reception.

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Full text of “Canon BJC Service Manual”

Place the removed BJ cartridge in the supplied cartridge container. Technical Reference BJ C 4.

Use the external analog switch to select a group. The container can contain a color or black BJ cartridge. Technical Reference BJ C b IrDA standard To connect data transmission devices using infrared communication, the protocols physical and transport layers have been standardized.

If the problem persists, perform a head refreshing. Visually check the carriage motor and paper feed motor operation. Compatible mode is the same as the Centronics interface-standard protocol. If the Product has had its serial number or dating defaced, altered or removed. Flexible cables are defective. Immediately after being “Valid”, the emulation mode that was set immediately before will be valid.


When a color BJ cartridge is installed, a dpi data is represented by a set of two dots printed simultaneously to obtain a dpi resolution. Product Specifications BjC 4. Check the home position sensor. Lock Switch Locks and prevents the printer from being powered on during tavelling. Activate the scanner driver in the host computer. Font lock Di sable 9. Switch on the power for the equipment in this order: This signal is ignored at all time. Pentium MHz, Microsoft Windows 95 4.

Optimize output resolution to create near-photographic images. However, a drawback is that lithium ion batteries are susceptible to over discharge.

If the BJ cartridge is not stored in the container, nozzles may be clogged with ink, the BJ head may be scratched, or the BJ cartridge does not eject the ink onto the paper. Lithium ion batteries do not have a memory effect and have a long lasting storage capacity.

Ink cartridge BCI Black: If the ink runs out or if more than six months have passed after the BJ cartridge was unsealed and the print quality is not improved by performing cleaning once or twice, the ink cartridge should be replaced with a new one. Also, never touch the print head bubble jet nozzles or wipe it with tissue paper or the like.


bjc50 The printing drive signal HDATA is latched and when the print control and heater drive control signals are output together, the heater for the applicable nozzles is driven and the ink is ejected. This page requires Javascript.

Canon Bjc 50 Windows 7 Driver

BJ cartridges cannot be disassembled, assembled, or washed. Example bjv-50 After replacing the control board in step 1carry out a test print to make sure the problem has been solved.

Technical Reference 2 Printer controller section The printer controller contains the parallel interface controller, print head controller, scanner head controller, CR motor controller, paper feed motor controller, buffer controller, DRAM controller, recharge controller, etc. Detect internal temperature Print head temperature adjustment control starts. Hold the sheet until the paper feed roller grabs and feeds the sheet partially into the printer.

If the same error recurs, the flash ROM might be damaged. Figure Printer Appearance Part 2: