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It is equipped with four controls. Write a user review Ask for a user review. A good range of interesting distorted tones to choose. And the MZ-2 has Gilmore. Originally posted by Zyngath If you have fire spitting midgets and nude babes on stage, nothing can go wrong. The Power Driver has the unique ability to make a rig of any quality, size, and price, sound like the loose farts from a porn star’s ass. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

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Feb 28, 6. Yeah i think they had Muffs in mind when they releases it, but they kinda missed the target on that score!

Have you tried the Boss PW-2 Power Driver?

I’ll try the Mega Dist next then possibly. However, when it failed to work correctly after about a year, my interest wore off and eventually I got into more hard rock and metal music and this pedal fell by the wayside and I traded it after a couple years of it doing nothing in my closet.


Moms gave me my b-day present a week early I am certianly not anti Boss either. Boss PW-2 Power Driver. What did they use? Is a distortion pedal. Log in or Sign up. And I think it is 1 of the cooler looking pedals Boss has ever made. The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Tgp infractions all round for this post now. Join the HC Newsletter.

Boss PW-2 Power Driver – U2 Feedback

There is a level control, a “fat” control low end frequenciesa “muscle” control midrange frequencies and a drive control. Click Here to Login. The Boss PW-2 Power Driver is a distortion and overdrive pedal designed for use with electric guitar.

Should not have sold that one. I had a credit voucher for my local second hand shop so i went window shopping this afternoon. I found this as well – on low drive settings, it’s a great pedal.

I heard a clip of it on a CD demoing various Boss pedals and thought it sounded stellar, so I was elated to track down “the rarest” Boss pedal about three months later. While it does have its moments and I do find it useful some of the times, I don’t find enough uses for this pedal to be able to declare it a great sounding pedal.


It is equipped with four controls.

Feb 27, 1. CE-2 ManFeb 27, I just recently purchased this pedal and took a little bit to dial in some sweet tones. Awesome little pw2 for “beefing” up guitars.

Page 1 of 2. I replaced the battery numerous times, tried other cables, etc, but nothing changed it.

Feb 28, 9. What do you think of that one? I purchased it from a local music store at the age of 9 and took it home and plugged in and was riffing right away. Contact Us – U2Interference.

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Feb 27, 3. Glad you found a good use for it. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. I got suckered into thinking it would be this undiscovered gem.