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Pnkbstr B only appears durring game play and quits afterwards which removes the allow to interact with desktop tick mark 2. I get API error Hi Alex, Steven forwarded me your email. Posted January 3, edited. Did you read the link i posted, to see what everyone else is doing about it?

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Can anyone else confirm it? I like it ,its a nice OS after Xp.

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix

This is how I get my pb working with cod2. Punkbuster are the punks! It’s certainly not a hack m8, don’t worry about that, i and many others will i have no doubt been kicked with this message, the only thing i did was update my PB but if you want to know more about stuff like this ie what it is and what causes it, it would probably be better to Google the error, you will get more sense out of people who have had this than you will get from Punkbuster.

Now after disalloowed have had your fun go back into your services and your PB-B is probably missing refresh if needed.

Udty 7 RC x64 edition. I have Windows 7 64bit and I played CoD5 many weeks without any prob. For the record I bought the full game ages ago, but these were files lying around on the filesystem which is why it was important to delete the cod4 folder after uninstalling cod4. Check these two locations… There will be two new folders disallowrd the below locations, and the files in each should be the same: I get API error I installed a new Windows 7 bit home premium, turned off windows updates, installed COD If so pls tell what i can do….


Hope this works for you, post back if it does, it certainly did for me! There has to be an erroneous call from most likely PnkBstrB process. Seems to be working ok for now, but have only tested for about an hour or 2.

Delete all folders connected with pb D: Result with 64bit is the api error punkbuster kicks me. It runs great, but when I enter a 32 program/rriver, aim out in a sec.

This is going to take a loooooong time before I find out what is going on. Just update your Punkbuster, or better still uninstall it and reinstall it, go to evenbalance. Then enter the password for the user account and click OK. We will continue to work with them disallpwed they have the information they need to release a compatible version. This worked perfect for me I have windows 7 build 64bit played on it for an hour no api messages.

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix – Living with technology

Im on Win 7 Ultimate x Installed Battlefield and then played on it. Sorry for my English. I have an open ticket on this but only 2 days old. Posted January 5, edited.


I have been running this configuration with BF4 for at least 10 months running just fine. Run pbsetup and choose the install directory for COD 4 in C: Skip to content Update: Sign In Sign Disqllowed.

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Pez, tried it — made the change to both the gaming. Disallowed Program Driver – Call of Duty 2. OK i tried your fix and i get nothing, are you running anything in compatibility mode or anything like punkvuster, also i have cod4 on steam, i wonder if that is the difference please let me know Thanks, Anthony.

Pnkbstr B only appears durring game play and quits afterwards which removes the allow to interact with desktop tick mark 2.