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It’s a painful experience. After that, it has been an extraordinary laptop. On top of that, even when added sound card is installed I am able to simply switch back and forth with no problems and no SoundMax or Creative software needing to start up automatically. By the way I am running both Ubuntu and Windows 7 on the machine just fine. It may be easier and smaller to carry around, but if the physical size is wider and lower in height and I have to ‘look down’ more, then that will really bother me. Reliability is a huge requirement for me, so if there are any hardware deficiencies for either, I’d like to know. Did yours have the Nvidia GPU?

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It runs perfectly on my office applications with only mb of ram and although only xga, the screen is still bright, and the colours still good. The T23 still holds all my archival files, but the T42fr is now the daily runner.

Both models have been dropping like flies all over the 6000e, including my morem T If I could find a SSD cheap to fit into this that would be even better Like George said, the clear answer is “Neither”! Since the T42fr runs a little bit more friendly, I’m migrating away from the T Last edited by ajkula66 on Sun Oct 17, 8: Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to host a get together for the thinkpad forum members!?


So cool that many times I can hardly tell if it’s really on. IBM Thinkpad T23 1.

Is your device 3G ready?

But you seem to know what you are dealing with in that respect. I mode, a situation with a Ts which I am trying to fix for a friend.

I definitley do do the 2 handed pickup with the laptop, so if it’s a mechanical situation, then fbv should be no problem. But simply pull it out and everything works with onboard as before without any user intervention or extra re-configuration.

CastleNet CBVE modem VOIP issue

If someone can tell me that the t42 with ati radeon 64mb can play BF2 then that’s a big swing in that direction. I really loved the T61 and I miss it. I’m more partial towards XP since I know it, it’s simple, does what I want. I’ve actually not seen this very often where everything works this perfectly.

My customized XP helps with that. Besides, it will be 600d newer and runs colder. The form factor is nice and it runs relatively cool. Unless it’s got integrated graphics. Especially if it means I can get more runtime 600e the batteries with less power.


Just out of curiosity, does a T61 with intel graphics have any problems?


That drove me to buy a really nice T42 in late october with a fingerprint reader frsxga and 64mb video. They way some people I know treat their laptop it is a wonder they last period Unless that’s an integrated one, it might go bad again the next week or next month. Processor speed is not that important to me. Who is online Users browsing this forum: The real big thing for me with the t61 is the mb graphics.

Both of these machines have very serious reliability issues, and both suffer from GPU failures.


I have a home computer that deals with my media. That gets me playing the only game i’m really interested in playing which is battlefield2. Yes, these machines can fail if mishandled, but you can prevent that if you know what to avoid.

There is now a service here on the forum dedicated to repair motherboards suffering from this issue.