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Both are on John Winfield’s plugin page. The resulting color image is fine but at the expense of lowering the resolution and longer exposures. How do they work? If you want to refine again go back to step 3. In this case a smaller binning mode is preferable. Such sources are eyepieces holders, digital clocks, digital circles, dew heaters Special thanks goes to Chris Shillito for publishing the following data.

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What ever the camera used, the CCD or CMOS sensor being usualy not cooled, astronomy images recorded in low light conditions appear grainy, all the more at summer when the outside temperature increase the thermal noise. To picture deep sky objects, the last mechanical element that could potentially be a source of problems is the motorized mount.

So prior taking your first CCD pictures of celestial bodies, a short calculation will be useful to check the accuracy of your CCD camera in combination with your optical system.

Meade DSI driver for CCDSoft – IceInSpace

All dots are in fact parasits created by the electronic device! If you have Upload changes immediately to mount checked then the active curve will be automatically sent whenever a change is made. rsi

It makes it very easy to characterize and reduce the periodic error of your telescope mount. From a pure photographical aspect, an Alt-Az mounting will display the problem of field rotation while you will track an object across the sky. It is the subject of the next chapter. Can be pressed multiple times for additional smoothing.


Otherwise there is no other choice that either using the Cassegrain focus with a focal reducer but the weight will be similar or better, using a larger scope in order to reduce the relative obstruction generated by the sensor placed a the prime focus.

This is how it works: As for the color, this is no more with 12 or 16 bits that we work, but at least 24 bits. Click Connect Camera to connect. In the worst cases, the integration can last 30 minutes on prime focus of mm scopes to record faintest galaxies or faint spectra and 18 times more if you want to produce tricolor composites!

Period stepper stays as each microstep position. Total integration time of min. To use a camera with PEMPro using one of the above applications first setup the application to the camera first.

Software/hardware troubleshooting and workarounds

How do they work? In an ideal CCD camera, each pixel would give a brightness level of 0 when there is no light, and a value increasing perfectly linearly with increasing light until it became saturated.

Whenever you start Acquiring PE data PEMPro automatically re-synchronizes to the mount so this allows ccdsotf the freedom to move the mount around without needing to re-synchronize. Turn PEC on and acquire more data.

When all technical and financial issues cfdsoft be solved advice of a qualified vendor or experimented amateurs is not useless you will be ready to picture your favorite ccdsofft object. Any one of the 4 curve types can be uploaded. You can select which curve’s data to view in the Curve combo box field. This is an extremely useful moidification to make when you find that a PEC curve adds to the periodic error measures greater afterwards rather then reduces the periodic error.


Its total length is cm depending on whether the accessories are thin or large.

The button name is changed to Stop while running. Follow the instructions in this section. In one generation, technology available to talented amateurs has done a giant leap!

Create a PEC curve and upload it to the mount. Once connected and if the video mode is working properly you should see crosshairs and a running frame counter in the bottom right.

Although this physical limitation results were not bad at all, with time and new chips, these small color CCD have much improved and give very good resultats, specially in planetary imaging as confirms the above excellent image of Mars.

The graph can display up to 4 curves and their Peak-Peak periodic error: MaximDL will sometimes hang if it and another program are both trying to control a camera. This degradation is caused by statistical errors in reading out the number of electrons per pixel photosite. If cdcsoft want to do a very long duration PE measurement you can check Enable Automatic Stop and enter the number of hours to record.