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Alexander Wong Facebook Twitter. How fast download speed can be support by this wifi pocket modem if I use welcome 4G Sim Card.? However, their function and specification are all the same. Add to wishlist July 16, in News. Dear KRoy, We already post out your order.

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Yes 4G Maxis Celcom Digi 4G LTE Mod (end 2/15/ PM)

All 24 Products 22 Delivery 2. Add to wishlist You can check the shipping status via the site provided by respective courier. Check with the respective courier company to see if they’re holding your order and contact us if they’re unable to find it. Cellcom will my order arrive? Continue Shopping Add To List.

Unlike Fibre, the quota for most wireless broadband plans is usually fixed and it may not be enough to satisfy those who use their broadband for video streaming. July 16, in News.

Home Fibre | Broadband | Celcom

Additional information on the Home Wireless plans is quite limited. The cable connectors are pre-assembled to ease the booster system connection.


Dear KRoy, We already post out your order. Low Loss Cable] 5 meter [RM MyMB High gain log periodic antenna is a wide band direction antenna that gathers the strength of both Yagi and Panel Antenna. How fast download speed can be support by this wifi pocket modem if I use welcome 4G Sim Card.? This should be enough to satisfy most video streamers. Once your quota is depleted, your speed will be throttled to 64kbps until your next billing cycle.

Do you ship to my area? Please select option below X. The shipping cost will be calculated after celccom enter your shipping address. The shipping address for the order 3.

Home sweet home with faster Internet!

Fibre broadband is the best option to connect your entire home. Share your thoughts with others.

The Home Wireless service comes in three options which range from RM If nothing is wrong there, track your shipping status via the courier’s site.

Can I track the shipping? You may also be interested in 4g modem.

All contain batteries item will ship by sea freight. December 10, in News. Something might have gone wrong if you still haven’t received your order within 8 business days moem you’ve placed your order and made payment. In case you could not get a stable 4G signal indoor but at outdoor you could get a faster speed, you may upgrade the antenna to outdoor antenna and connect the outdoor antennas to the modem through our high quality MyMB low loss signal cable.


Under normal circumstances, you get to receive your order within 5 business days 7 business days for East Malaysia from the day you place your order and make payment. The first thing you can do is check your order status.

Contact us if your order status is not shipped, otherwise check whether the shipping address is correct. Try to check again in 24 hours and the information should be available.

Possibly the last flagship with a removable battery is now available in Malaysia July 16, in News.

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