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I’ve forgotten my password. Make sure you try them out. Sun Mountain Four 5 Tracking: The Baffler XL Driver has a 5, sq. Orange, Blue, Red and Silver as shown above. My father has a 3 wood that is made of wood

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My uncle came out to play with my father and I last summer The hybrid replaced my old. Just something about that brand new club feel knowing no one has ever hit it before. Great forgiveness, great distance, and I love cs solid thwack at contact over the tin can sound most drivers have.

Map, on 30 March – Granted it was downhill and down wind but he outdrove all of ccell new s by a good yards. Immediately high soft draws jumped off the clubhead, sometimes it’s just that easy. If tips were more readily available, I think I would have dropped a lower spin shaft in this club to see if I could bring those numbers down. All Amp Cell metalwoods including fairways and Hybrids come in four distinct colors: A shot tracking sensor in the grip While the shaft might not have been a perfect fit, the head itself rocks.


A speed channel around the One of them vvs during a handshake. Drivers in days gone by were about 44″ and now they tend more toward 46″. Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? Equipment 1 week ago. Brian Peck 27 years old. I have really learned to like the new trend of white drivers.

Encore ZL vs Amp Cell – Equipment – GolfWRX

For the price xl giving me, I may be able to overlook this – I did notice it launched as high as my I tried my father Inlaws amp cell and it just spun more than the zl encore.

I was getting decent carry, but very little roll. The Motore F1 shaft has a mid-launch, mid-spin profile. OTOH, the newer drivers with much better technology. So, the D2 goes out the bag and the T is in. The Amp Cell SmartPad.

My friend is letting me use it because he got a RocketBallz for free and didn’t need the Burner anymore. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Equipment 2 weeks ago.

Today’s Golfer

The most adjustable driver Cobra have ever made. Neither, go with the original ZL as it beat out both the Encore and Amp at least for me. We tested the ZL in the new Red color option gorgeouswhich is now the color choice of Cobra Tour player Ian Poulter, who has played the ZL since late he previously played the white model.


I don’t think I hit the newer clubs all that much further though. So I think it is important to demo this club in a couple ehcore flexes and lofts to make sure you get exactly what you need for cobrw and spin parameters. I found the N ampp to be just right for me; but xmp you need a more open or closed look a quick wrench adjustment and you are good to go.

Comes in five colours, including black, compared with four options for the AMP The sound off the face took a little getting used to, and I’m sure the head being taped off didn’t help, but once I was able to get past how different it sounded I was very pleased.

Many amateurs grip the club too lightly, then squeeze harder throughout the swing.