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I’ve posted, at Ask Ubuntu, some informations about the packages that should be changed in order to have the wireless card working. Please fill all the letters into the box to prove you’re human. They both currently work on my much older so I know the cards work. I think several vendors are now selling at about that price. I also compile a recent kernel with real-time extensions 2. The model tested here has the ABG which works fine.

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Use the ipw module.

Dell Latitude D830

A couple other suggestions: Cool, I’m glad you got it to work. I followed the diagnostics on the HAL website here:.

Another option that might work is just simply open up “Additional Drivers,” if you haven’t already and install the driver from there. The Kino screen freezes during playback, but seems to continue to record to a file ok. Bluetooth Unlike some on the internet, I latutude no problem detecting the D’s integrated bluetooth adapter, even though I never booted Windows. This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works deol Linux and which modules you need to configure.


You can check uguntu out at:. Did you have a look at this? The neat gnome tools indicate that the laptop uses about W when mostly idle and running from battery. Officially the fastest computer latotude the house. This is probably a trivial sort of thing, I just haven’t followed up on it. Or rather it does, but the LCD never comes back when I take it out of suspend.

The model tested here has the ABG which works fine. I followed the diagnostics on the HAL website here: This Broadcom’s open-source driver bcmwl-kernel-source was released right after on that same year, for Ubuntu 9. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Other than that, it seems to work fairly well. For their part, Intel maintain that proprietary device firmware is necessary to comply with regulatory restrictions imposed by the FCC Integrated Hardware Pointing Devices The pointing stick and the touchpad are separate devices.

I have had success playing a short audio file to my a2dp headphones using mplayer -ao alsa: Running Debian Squeeze these days.

The runs FC9 very well. Launchpad Under compiz, DVD playback framerate suffers seriously if it is not the topmost window. I replaced the hard drive with a GB solid state drive too. View more guides at Linux Wiki Guides. Edit this page Old revisions.


Suspend to disk and suspend to ram are not working. This laptop is similar to the Dell Latitude D so both these laptop’s compatibility guide are more or less the same assuming similar configuration.

I can afford to wait a little while but … tick tick tick. Power Management Suspend and Hiberate work out of the box.

[SOLVED] NEWBIE Can’t get wifi with UBUNTU

The BIOS has the drive interface set as ‘compatible’. CardBus card inserted into slot 0 ath5k It seems that moving the stick with a touchpad button held down generates additional X button events.

Perhaps this is part of the issue? Compiz works properly now, but performance is still low enough that I leave it off.