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Dockets kept by aldermen and justices of the peace and deposited with the pro- thonotary, showing name of officer, date of hearing, names of constable, parties, and witnesses, cause of action, date of hearin-g, charges, amount and type of bail posted, disposition: Partition and Sales Docket, , vols. In case the treasurer sells land for delinquent taxes the con-u-ussionors may in certain cases purchase it. The county, town, and other local inventories for the entire country will, when completed, consti- tute an encyclopedia of local government as well as a bibliography of local archives. It also decided all matters of twenty pounds or less without appeal, ajrid had jurisdiction over criminal cases 2 , From the time that Penn took over the Commonwealth in , until the Revolu- tion, the foundations for the present county government, were laid. Papers in the parole and discharge of juvenile defendants from state’ and comity reformatories.

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Also there appear such boards as the county elec- tion board and the registration commission on which the county commissioners alone serve in an ex-officio capacity. Board of County Commissioners Releases shovi names of buyer and seller, date agreement filed vri. The pc-812d of the probation office are located in the office and in the comriiissionors’ basement vault.


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A state-owned institution at Polk is principally for feeble-tiinded children. Hdv;, Aver, pp, 18 x pc-82s x 1,, 6 vols, treas, bsnt, vlt.

Our practice specializes in glaucoma, diabetes and macular regeneration, using the most modern equipment in southwestern Virgina. For cxauple, they have been authorized to build tubercular 35 and contagious disease 36 hospitals.

Reports made by tax collectors on unpaid taxes, showing date of report, name of owner, location and description of property, assessed valuation, total tax, amount of delinquency, and affidavit of collector. The protnonotary serves for a term of lour years 6 pc-81s2 oefore assuming his duties, he must give a bond 7 and take an oath of office 8.

Dis- continued as county record, subsequent r Jury fees must be. Wyoming land drx its coal. The controller keeps his records in his office, his office safe, and his basement vault; in the prothonotary’s and the rdtness clerk’s offices; in the cor. In the jurisdiction to nr.

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Aver, pp, 20 x 12 x 3. Hov;ever, reference has been made to them in the “Repjrt of edx Public Archives Comi?. Inhowever, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Commonwealth was given power to prescribe uniform budget and annual report forms for counties 45General Provisions There are certain general provisions concerning county records.

The building is cruciform, the length of each axis being feet. Tentative appraisements returned to State Department of Revenue for invostigation, vd.


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Contains certification by prothonotary of the Supreme Court. Once a year these officers are re- quired to subm.

The detention facilities made use of are: Real Estate Sales Docket,entry Catherine Dress George J. Bonin, Prothonotary George R.

No index, Hdw, on ptd, fm.

This act was dwx. This Inventory as published herein is of great value at the present time, and it will arrive at its greatest value when oonsulted suid referred to in future years. Papers in the parole and discharge of juvenile defendants from state’ and comity reformatories.

The county lies on the southern bound- ary of the great glacial ice cap which, as it melted, left behind hills of pebbly debris, scratched rocks, huge boulders and glacial pot holes. Upon dissolution of the business, any if the members ir, upon withdrawa.

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Next entry 75, p. Correspondence,1 vol. X Stubs, —.