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I did a quick probe to confirms this, then attempted to solder the green wire to the via. So I guess the numberings is all the same.. Earlier in the article I mentioned that my cable had too extraneous wires. Any chance you could send the driver to me or post it somewhere? The picture is deceptive; things are much smaller than they appear!

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In your system tray you shold see xku icons for PC Suite the phone icon and for the Synchronize utility the circle. Thanks for clearing this up for me! Thanks for sharing how to do it.

That is, if the top section was overlaid on the bottom all the vias would line up. You need to install drivers for your cable if you’re using one, that is.

What ultimately worked for me was to fill the via with solder, tin the wire, then place the wire over the via and the iron directly on the wire. I used screen as my serial communications program. Connect wires 5 and 8 to your multimeter and see if it shows 5V. Just saw your post on the Arduino pgolific.


DriverMax – Ports – Prolific Technology Inc. – Nokia DKU USB Computer Driver Updates

Several places sell chips with a bootloader; Modern Device seems to give you the best deal. Try it and see. I read the thread and it appears you discovered the problem was caused by a USB extension cable. That is a very good tutorial! I did not unsolder them for fear of breaking some unknown connection, rather I simply clipped usv at their prilific.

The next section explains how to make it a lot nicer.

porlific If you hold the button too long Arduino will eventually give up and report that the programmer is unavailable. Twist the RxD and TxD lines together. Posted in HackingPhysical ComputingTutorial.

I wish they could do bitbang. Here is the finished FTDI cable: Hi again, The CA cable has some problems.

Try it on another computer and with another phone to make sure there isn’t a problem with either your phone or your cable.

A little probing worked out […]. This means the chip runs the previously uploaded program faster but it also results in a bit of a headache for those that are doing a manual reset upload.


You should try the same order too.

Ports – Prolific Technology Inc. – Nokia DKU-50 USB Computer Driver Updates

A primeira coisa […]. If they are displayed, then you have correctly identified the TxD and RxD line.

The casing around the USB connector is not a solid piece but a two part shell. What a whining bunch they can be, huh? Click the option marked ‘Manage Connections’. Tem algumas coisas interessantes. I looked into this, but my memory is a bit hazy on the details.

If not you should recheck your setup.

HowTo Install Nokia PC Suite For A DKU-5 Cable –

Make sure the cable is unplugged! In reality, when I look uxb the bottom of the board it does not appear as such. DKU-5, ftdi, hack […]. Connecting the Phone Open PC Suite by clicking on the icon in the system try or wherever else you wanna start it from.