Driver Drone

But if you listen carefully you will notice that such impression is caused by distortions in the highest frequencies, and it seems that the highs are becoming more. Frequency response 40 Hz – 15 kHz , dB:. Waveterminal At first sight, the cards sounded equally. The SACD is not that bad, but I have no desire to pay a great deal of money to Sony for some exotic drive and for some pulse-width modulation with a sound which allegedly doesn’t yield to the good old PCM. It is a virtual device for organization of an internal digital loopback.

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Waky, unfortunately I misplaced my original driver CD. That is why we used the time-proved Waveterminal with 2. Moreover, a lot of experts do not think that its sound is better than that of even a CD-DA. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

DSP24 Value

The sound either disappears or cracks. The ENVY24 is an advanced chip which is popular with professional equipment manufacturers.

Voices vakue heroes in the games are played times faster at a frequency different from the sampling one. A WDM driver doesn’t have some required functions very often; besides, it is permanently in a beta status. The Waveterminal has a bit more detailed and transparent sound. By the way, as one can read in the readme file for the W2K driver, Hoontech programmers are currently working on this problem and they promise to solve it in the near future.


According fsp24 the program the card must work in DirectSound applications with the number of 2D streams not more than And today we will deal with the second version. Mirroring of the signal spectrum at 24 kHz indicates at resampling into 48 kHz at a certain stage of signal sampling.

At least, we could hear no artifacts. It allows realizing multi-client drivers for 5 stereo inputs and 5 stereo outputs.

The codec’s documentation is obscure. Similar Threads Live Mixing Problems I found the driver on a German site and was at first leary — but I’ve had no problems at all. And it makes no sense to replace it with such a dear exotic product whose future depends on the mood of this giant. You can look at the full range of the Hoontech’s products at its site. The second tab allows professional audio interfaces to be supported independently by each of virtual outputs. The DSP24 Value has a more distinct stereo picture.

By the way, a human being keeps in his memory sharp impressions just for several seconds; after that they become blurry, and then turn into emotional impressions.


However, the Audigy is not meant for professional use. Diagnostics of the Minerva v1. Any multimedia card will suit. One will crash the system on startup, another wont finish installing and freeze the system dsp4 another installs then prompts me with device cannot start code Some time ago Sony gave us a present with The Audigy had not bad but rather dim sound.

Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value Sound Card

But keep in mind that whether all its possibilities will be enabled depends on a soundcard maker. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: But Hoontech offers a wide range of other products for PC. However, the drivers supplied with the card had a virtual studio support when you can realize intuitive commutation of the devices with virtual cables in the style of Reason and other similar programs.

Take a closer look at the IMD graph. A while back, I had to install the card on a new machine. That is why in our tests we played music simultaneously on the comparable devices instantly switching from one to the other.