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First, did you leave the cart in the linker with your PC on for 8 hours when you first got it? Depending on the size of your cart and the amount of data you are putting on it, it is probably going to be a while. Fill the cartridge up or do not. There are no methods other than the EZClient program, some EZ1s could use littlewriter but other than that no. G6 Flash – G6flash usb linker pda card. The rechargable battery in cart is there to support saving, no need to change battery, the battery life is likely even longer than the flash chips. Powerstar Flash Mb Hide similar threads.

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Support 5 Key software ReBoot: Unzip the latest client software found at the bottomo of this page. You’ll have to figure this out for yourself, sorry. You wouldn’t need it until you get to a more advanced stage of development anyways; emulators are fine early in the development process. Check in Device Manager to make sure, and replace any drivers that aren’t by Microsoft with the ones in the service pack.

For a start you may have a game that is not patched by EZClientthey are few and far between but they do exist: The light on the linker should go from red to green and you can now you can pop that cart into the linker and SAV files before changing ROMs on the cart and you want to put back them on it when you are re-playing to those games.


If you use your cart often it should stay charged on its own.

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Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Assuming you selected “use loader” or if you are using it for DS software the “use NDS loader” from the system config menu the version used will be the one that comes with EZClient which will be the latest if you have the latest software.

Either from the EZFlash homepage or as you will likely find it slow there Sosuke’s will have them. Versions of Windows above Windows 95 should be supported by the one client, windows XP being your best bet for good support.

Put the flashcart into the linker and connect the USB port. SMS is also available for the DS and its roms. Further info on cheating can be found in the appropriate Category: EZ 3flash flash 2 powerstar.

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Becouse the battery consumption of the card is redced by more than half you can play 6 hours longer than you would using other cards! There also exist various ROM checking tools: However, though it is a “next generation” cartridge, it still uses the old school linker, which is something that may turn off many peoples.

Important Information By using GameDev. In fact, I would say powerstr the EZ2 has the best official software compared to any other flash cart. There are many features, such as PocketNES and Goomba being already implemented in, background support for the boot loader, a cheat function, quick flashing speeds, and everything in a very nice user interface.


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Old school external linker may turn off some people. You have only just started check out the articles multimedia and emulation.

If the ez-flsh are smaller you can store more. The EZ2 Powerstar is one of the few carts that comes in four sizes: Get yourself some GBA ROM images to burn Nintendo DS rom users you shall be gotten around to, once again DS commercial roms running and general usage should help you out although this section covers the basics you should want to know anyway.

Posted November powerstra, However, these problems are nothing to be worried about, and the excellent software and hardware make up for them. EZ 2 official resellers are always supplied with the latest software updates and drivers. If you change your mind about the images you want to burn delete them with the garbage can.

All saving modes are supported by software, so you only need to update your software to accommodate future new saving mode.

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What is your GameDev Story? The life of the built in rechargeable battery is more than 3 years.

Fill the cartridge up or do not.