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I would like to thank: X gruft and de-author pkg-descr. Several ports were removed with this update, mainly because they are not compatible with the X. Update libXp to 1. The only option is to use the open-vm-tools package from the ports.

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Xorg-servers update to 1. When linking a library libA with a library libB using libtool, if libB. This was created for the intel KMS work being done althouthough It probably works for other chips.

The FreeBSD x11 team proudly presents an zeising, kwm, miwi, bapt, eadler production: This causes too much overlinking. A complete freesbd of Xorg 7. This update tracks that change. The official VMware Tools package has a problem where the clipboard sharing and auto-resize features won’t work. Update iceauth to 1. Bump portrevision on depending ports.

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[How-To] Install FreeBSD 11 with GNOME 3 on VMware

Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above. Then install the open source tools from ports. Also this Update fix build issues with clang and binutils 2. If you do not have the sources installed execute the following:.

FreshPorts — xdrivers/xfvideo-vmware

Org vmware display driver Fix fallout from updates where needed. Error exit delayed from previous errors. This update includes some components from Xorg 7. See this page http: Chase the Xorg server freebxd and bump ports that depend on it. So everything that subsequently links with libA will also link to these extra libraries.

Ensure your sources match the running system by running “freebsd-update fetch” and then “freebsd-update install”. Optional dependencies are not covered.

We strongly recommend you to update your system to 7. Org server has been updated to 1. Update libXvMC to 1. Update fstobdf to 1.


Intel users will need to patch their source manually with Konstantin? Update gccmakedep to 1.

Update libdrm to 2. Change the dependency to be on the port, rather than a file the port installs. This patch also contains updates of libxcb and related ports, pixman, as well Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above. This step is the key to making the keyboard, mouse, and video drivers work.