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Then you should see how it is connected. On other distributions, check for the availability of linux-gpib packages. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This page was last edited on 16 October , at July 21, at Using PC is easiest thing, especially Windows-based machines, as most of vendors already supply ready to use libraries and packages to interface their instruments via GPIB. Resource temporarily unavailable Here are the related dmesg:

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How to use GPIB ports with linux-gpib and StreamDevice

Post as a guest Name. When you plug in the adapter a virtual serial device is created. All other commands go to the GPIB bus. It should look like this:. H, contains definitions used by DECL Use the first one to see the output of the Prologix adapter.

This will take some time. Setting up python-dev 2. Finding all instruments on the bus No need big bulky computer with Windows tied to it.

Assuming you have a single GPIB interface board in your machine, you’ll need to. It had me reading again my post and the prologix manual. Initial article, using 3. If you need to setup system from scratch on blank SD card, suggest to reference that article first. I am trying to use an HPB adaptor. Size and capabilities of small microcomputer, such as Raspberry Pi can make something wild possible, such as integrating it into old GPIB -interfaced instruments to bring modern computing power and interfacing, such as interactive web via LAN port or even having instrument on remote location, controlled thru Internet.


Download File List – Linux GPIB Support – OSDN

It is nothing more than writing to and reading from a virtual serial port. In my lab I have some test and measuring equipment like an arbitrary function generator, a desktop multimeter and a DC power source. You can always resort to compiling linux-gpib youself.

If you have one of those, be sure to check out Agilent-version of this article Before we start installing stuff, highly recommended to update current packets. All these usually require a host GPIB controller to run program and issue operations over the bus. John Militer 2 9 This shows you if the controller is in auto mode or not.

Done The following additional packages will be installed: I am currently working on Debian stretch unstable Kernel 4. If communication with the device works using ibtestthe setup of the softIOC is trivial if you stick to the 7-step recipe in section 3. I think I have some machines running Need to get 4, kB of archives. Email Required, but linus shown.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be pgib. I greatly appreciate the help! So I found a bug in my post.

NI for Linux – CentOS, RedHat, Scientific Linux, SUSE – National Instruments

Python-dev library is needed to access GPIB module. H, signifies the end of the array.

I have two devices, so I’ve configured them like this in gpib.