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The way the wood and metal housing moves air and reacts to sound vibrations is now virtually unaffected by transient distortions. My default answer then would be: Headphones can’t get much better than this. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Glad you enjoyed the review.

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A slightly warm ps100, with good instrumental separation, and a to die for vocality presentation. In the s it manufactured phono cartridges, turntables, and speakers. Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience.

What Hi-Fi?

We’ve commented before in these pages that, up to a point, one can easily live with a degree of coloration in sound because one gets accustomed to it and filters it out. Just got a pair of chromed PS1k myself!

The standard price in U. The latter uses a large diaphragm which is vented and de-stressed, all in the interest of reducing resonance.

The sound seems to literally jump off the drivers with an astounding attack without overemphasizing or exaggerating any part of the spectrum as if the headphones are somehow working hard to reproduce this type of sound or working harder than another set of headphones on the same system. They are articulate without over emphasis.

This kind of comparison may not be the most demanding in terms of detail, but will show up tonal imbalance like anything. GwarmiMar 11, Sonic Musings As I began initial testing of the PS, I noticed something that struck me as being a very odd characteristic for such a detail enveloped and bright sounding headphone, and that was the bass quality. A truly great performer Written by Modwright01 Published Feb 12, The new eight-conductor cable design, utilizing UHPLC ultra-high purity, long crystal copper, improves control and stability of the total range of the frequency spectrum.


If you ever have the opportunity to audition the HE-6 I’d be really interested in hearing your opinion of it gtado compared to the Grado.

JoeDoeApr 28, To get a similar level of performance from speakers would cost 10 times as much. Strongly recommended for audition: Yes, with the PS there’s more of it, but the quality, depth, and palpable bass texture come through like never before.

Grado PS | TechRadar

The free sample will be send to you if you help this company to write a blog or make gravo video about our product. There’s a wonderful fluidity to the way crescendos build, and no shortage of punch when required. At this point, I have no idea what a PS sounds like, and hopefully all of the PSe samples will sound the same. The sporty version of Gado already wireless earphones have a few extras that put it I don’t know many that forgot they were wearing them, this as opposed to pss1000 the RS1’s or even better, the GS’s, which are so very light in comparison.

Specifications for the PS includes a frequency response of 8 to 35,Hz, sensitivity of 98dB, nominal impedance of 32 ohms and driver matching to 0. They justify their price with a simply astonishing sound.

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What else do you need!? I listened to the very best headphones on earth: There are certain things headphones just can’t do. If you like music, if you love sound, and you can buy one, do not even hesitate, they are grsdo to drive, amazing all rounder: Most people will probably link Grado to the famous 80 and series as both these headphones offer a lot of value for money and have been sold all over the world. The PS ranks alongside the other two flagships from Audio Technica and Ultrasone – the W and Edition 10 graado the three outsiders of choice when any Head-Fier decides to take a leap into the world of flagship ownership.


Sticking with the new developments of the GS, the PS uses the same large cushions providing a very comfortable fit on the head, excellent for very long listening sessions. Eventually that spot was ceded graxo the Statement Series GS-1i.

The technicians in Gotor use a high shielding and high authenticity protection design to ensure that customers recieve the best sounds via the cable. For grsdo thing, it’s enough to make the headphones slide off if one tilts one’s head forward or back and for another it makes the headband always a Grado weakness in our experience feel quite a burden after a while.