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My phone is said to be able to be flashed, or dual booted to Android, but that’s NOT without difficulty, and a matter for another, less friendly forum Nothing flashed on the screen, with the phone. For zero cost you could load the X86 version of OpenWRT onto your box instead of pfSense and see how far you get with that. Well, while on my Linux – Ubuntu If I recall correctly, I was able to write using the instal menus, subsequent times, but no joy. Thanks, again, Steve, for stopping me from jumping on Ebay, and whipping out my paypal login credentials!

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Can your device run a wifi hotspot? XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work.

If it doesn’t work you can flash it with OpenWRT which gives oe far more options: Many devices can present in either mode depending on how they’re initialised. This phone was announced in and I bought it second hand injust when MS pulled the marketplace for WM 6. Do you need to disconnect it regularly? I hate plugging in a usb drive, then having some “helpful” windows program display all of my pictures, and try to download them to the local HDD. Even though it’s not supported by any driver in 2.


Extract the image first if your image writing program doesn’t do it for you.

HTC HD2 generic rndis driver missing

Technological proprietary-ism and incompatibility I’d like to get it done without bricking the thing, AND while having all the hardware work, but I’ve yet to get all the steps and files together. Thanks, again, Steve, for stopping me from jumping on Ebay, and whipping out my paypal login credentials!

Only users with topic management privileges can see it. I plugged in each time, but nothing got a reaction on the phone when I plugged in.

I might as well drool over a commercial Cisco router. One security advantage bluetooth has over usb is that you’re not automatically opening up full bidirectional access. Nothing in the log which I pulled via the web-GUI….

I’ve installed Windows Mobile Device Center 6. It’s about 30 files total. Loading More Posts 25 Posts. Accessing modem from inside firewall pfsense 2. Hey Steve, Thanks for following this! I also rndia, in my pfSense 2. Interestingly I thought this device was recognised by a driver last time I tried it, which was quite a while ago.


Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. I hate to go Rube Goldberg, and do something convoluted.

[SOLVED] USB Tethering – Missing RNDIS Drive… | HTC Droid Incredible

However, the pfSense developers don’t seem to have covered my “six” on this one. But, that is how, at present, the phone’s USB, while sharing it’s internet connection, with the aid of WMWifiRouter, presents to my Linux desktop that’s currently running Ubuntu I don’t have my notes at hand….

Some older man pages list some known hardware: Our Mission As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy.

Are you a developer? Then I tried the O.

Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of rndiw 1 2. What hardware have you installed pfSense on? To answer another poster’s question, it’s a desktop; an old e-machines with an IDE drive. I bought a pocket router with OpenWRT preloaded.