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That means prices are higher and availability is lower as well as equipment being older. Do I need ECC memory? There are rumors floating around some ram chip manufacturers don’t even test their chips because of costs , leaving the testing to the manufacturer of the ram modules. Don’t know if it is true, but in the end it might be you who tests the ram, and I don’t think the trouble is worth the cost savings. So does their BX offering fair against the competition? A lot of the pre-Coppermine 0. Still, the later i was considered the best Pentium III chipset because it offered a better feature set and very similar performance relative to the BX.

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Is my ram or board defective? I have no idea what you are talking about in this FAQ, can’t you just tell me if the ram I’m going to purchase will work?

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You can click their sspec code, it has a link to the CPU world page of the processor. You can always try out H-Oda! Venetia et Histria Registered: Because the documentation is quite old, you won’t find any information regarding the use of MB dimm modules using mbit ram chips. You need modules with 16 ram chips, each chip organized as 16Mx8.


Views Read Edit View history. If you use three or less modules, usually registered memory isn’t required, and you shouldn’t buy it – it is more expensive and slower.

Still, the later i was considered the best Pentium III chipset because it offered a better feature set and very similar performance relative to the BX. SDRAM has different types of density? Aug 14, Posts: Any comments, suggestions to Roland Scheidegger. Nov 26, Posts: It is quite astonishing to note that in an industry where technology changes in a blink of an eye, manufacturers such as Asus and ABit still churn out motherboards whose heart is i4440bx BX.

If it is s, you can get a 1Ghz, FSB celeron for 12 bucks I picked a random place off the net that I buy old junque from and a P3 for slightly more. Intel lists another type in their newer chipsets datasheets: If the modules was sold as “high density” then it is not anv with boards based on the bx chipset.

Wed Mar 21, 5: AGP is going to be i44bx I do not recommend any specific brand.

Naturally, every mainboard manufacturer wholeheartedly accepted the chipset as at the time, as there were not any other chipsets on the market that could provide the support and stability as well as the BX did. I do remember that the i, while it was alive, got a tremendous boost from the faster AGP bus speed.

Intel Desktop Board SE440BX – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – i440BX Series

I would recommend however not to buy just the cheapest generic ram available. DDR memory is not backwards compatible. Many of that generation were still slot 1 but a few are s But the manual i440bbx I need PC Dimms? The older P2 up to and including the Mhz versionhave a cacheable ram area of only MB, so not all of your ram will get cached.


Intel Desktop Board SEBX – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – iBX Overview – CNET

Return to General Old Hardware. Articles needing additional references from January O440bx articles needing additional references. The success of the BX chipset has caused various software emulation and virtualization packages to use it as part of their virtual system.

These modules use ram chips organized as 32Mx4 see question ” What module sizes are supported on my bx-based board? Here you can find the “number of banks 05 ” not to be confused with the “number of banks on each memory device 17 “, this isn’t that important and the “module bank density”. Is there a better method to test the ram? The probablity for such errors is quite small, and unless you run a mission-critical machine i.