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It’s worth spending a fiver on a brand new floppy cable from eBay or the like. It’s possible that the problem is not with the drives you’ve been getting, but rather the way that the jumper plugs on the drive are configured, or the cable that you are trying to connect them to the computer with. Also I do not have another controller. The cable is wired a bit differently for use with most “normal” controllers that have a DC37F external drive connector. I understand this is a good thing???

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IBM external floppy

The PSUs in these things are very conservatively rated–not enough to power a hard drive, though. I had a lot of trouble trying to get my 5.

Also I do not have another controller. Though the system configured Mod 57 correctly with the ADF 489 you saying the controller could still be bad? If it works then I know unequivocally it’s the PS.

If the drive and cable work on the other computer, then your computer or disk controller, or power supply have a problem. So the behavior should be just like an internal drive, I. The unit looks NEW. I’ve written about it on my blog; a search should turn that up. If he ever shows up on this forum again, I’m not going to let him forget it.


I’ve yet to see one fail. The seller said it was in his late fathers’ collection and was never used.

Index of /parts/ibm/

At least the other one I bought the led twinkled on and quickly off. It’s also worth noting, that after a new cable my drive from worked like a dream once I’d set ibbm up in BIOS. I understand this is a good thing???

Start with a computer that has a working 1.

I’ve used boxes for most things floppy for a long time at least 20 years. Does anyone know the typical behavior of these drives? Thank you for everyone’s comments!!!! It’s also possible that the disk controller is bad, or the drive is bad. I was on the hook for shipping and the item. It’s got a six phillips screws and two star screws with a pin RIGHT in the center of it; never seen this before, so my star bits didn’t work; I had to use a tiny flat head to open it, so haven’t looked at the back of the drive yet.

It’s worth spending a fiver on a brand new 486 cable from eBay or the like. If you hear the drive motor come on for a second or so when you latch the door, your power supply’s fine.


IBM 4869 360kb 5.25″ External Floppy Drive FRU 72×6759

I received another today and no workee! The drive in use light doesn’t blink or nothing.

Does this sound logical? While that’s a great approach for most situations it’s kinda tough to apply that scenario to an external, proprietary floppy drive.

Anyone know someone that repairs these guys? I’d imagine the IBM external floppies are just like internal floppies connected via an external cable. Does anyone know where to get a replacement PS or know where to get the guts to replace what’s inside it now? I’ve been servicing floppy drives for getting close to 40 years. Someone had me do this to another drive once before.

I took the cover off and put a multi-tester on the power connector from the PS into the various pins and got readings of 5V and 12V. I can’t tell if the drive has ever been opened. During post the system detected it, I then formatted 1.