Driver Drone

The bug, that cancel didn’t stop the current statement but the following is fixed. If you enable the logging with: BLOB, additional value classes are allowed: The PersonDO id field is of type ‘int’. Add the jar file to the classpath of your application. If you are done with the use of a cursor and the pool is full then the cursor is closed and not returned to the pool.

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The latest support information are available at: The driver has been completely redesigned.

That fixed a problem with a LOB parameter of a function. The class name of the driver is: If a parameter of an escape function was yet another escape function, then the following parameter used to be ignored.

Connecting from Java to Personal Oracle 8 (JDBC and Relational Databases forum at Coderanch)

For example for usage of indexes. The driver is not in the classpath. This problem can occur in one of the following cases: Set a FailoverListener via Connection properties: Those Connection can be received from: The following functions are supported.


The driver now prints the messages to the file that you specified. OraDriver The class oradriger of the pooled driver is: The length of the last stream was assumed for all streams.

These are 50 for Oracle 8. For example for Set a FailoverListener oradriber Connection properties:. The value of the BatchUpdateException. Check the class path for old versions. String, char[], byte[], InputStream.

OTHER for this data type. The prepared cursor pool has too many cursors unprepared.

In general if you use a database connection over a long time you should check it before you use it. Possible values are tcp and tcps.

Manual for the Oracle Server JDBC drivers

A bug that Date and Timestamp values before was saved with a wrong century was fixed. However, servers can be configured to listen on any port number. The driver property reportUnsupportedMethods will decide oradrivwr the methods do.

The following methods from Connection now throws an SQLException if the connection is in auto-commit mode: It includes the drivers. Included a workaround for a java. Extract the driver jar file from the zip file you have purchased or downloaded.


At the same time, the data from the data source had changed before the DataSet. Bugfix in orra function decoding engine. Contact us by email. The driver could hang or throw an exception.