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Hilikus, you may be able to use apt-get to fetch it, haven’t tried it before. Sorry, I don’t know anything about squid – try searching on http: Feisty was released 6 months ago. I see the config files and so on, but I forget how to do I built an Ubuntu 7. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops

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MasterShrek, i dont necessarily understand what a low-latency kernel does, and why default kernels aren’t “low-latency” to begin with.


I click “Install” from the options, AMD 64 bit version, and the screen goes blank and stays there until I manually reboot. Question – I’m trying to copy a bunch of files to my microsd card, but the files have question marks in them.

Newest Micro-Star International Drivers. Negra, there’s a difference between the fakeraid that ur motherboard comes with and the softraid that linux does. Then you can troubleshoot your x server if you still don’t have ivh4 GUI.

I’ve already blocked it, but yahoo mail does not use googling analytics For everything else, use Filezilla. I say, I’m loving this.



Sep 25, This package supports the following driver models: I forget the exact name but that is pretty much all you need. DMyour nick’s not got an associated e-mail address, so we can’t reset the password.

Error running install command for nvidia. You might have to search for some burning software for Vista that supports ISOs. I’m happy that there’s a linux port now.

Downloads for IntelĀ® PRO/100 VE Network Connection

Is it possible safely to partition a drive that already holds an operating system? Negra, i tried to folow this guide, and i eventually gave up https: But in this case, it looks like your UUID wasn’t constant: I’ve got a networking problem.

When I start up apache2 with sudo apache2ctl start, CGI scripts don’t work. Hello, I have a lot of m4a audio files and am having problems listening to them using rythmbox in 7. World’s most popular driver download. Just have to break out the other box I guess.

After I upgraded I have eth2 and eth3 instead of 0 and 1. RequinB4, you may need to install kernel-modules pacakge or something, but i dunno for sure, i have that module, im currently using it. C Compiler cannot create executables My nvidia drivers crash xserver every time, and I have icg4 installed them 10 different ways by now.


Sorry, I don’t know anything about remove ubuntu – try searching on http: Because sensors says that none has been found yet: Hi I have ich question about the audio programs that come with Ubuntu Studio How in tarnations do you get the text to speek engine to work lol. So I can drag and drop files in and view all the files without the command line? Negra it is a technology not worth progressing in my opinion. Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in.

Negra, i would say try and setup your motherboard raid using half-disk partitions on both drives, and then use ubuntu’s softraid.