Driver Drone

You can run these examples by launching Tomcat, and issue URL http: Possible XML nodes include: JSP is more convenience than servlet for dealing with the presentation, not more powerful. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. For subsequent accesses, the user input is carried via the request parameter ” guess “, which trigger setGuess to check for the user input, and update the game status accordingly. Tomcat provides built-in support for datasource with connection pooling, which are made available to applications through the Java Naming and Directory Interface JNDI. The business programming logic and the presentation are cleanly separated.

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Create the following configuration file ” context. Assume that the MySQL is running on portwith a user called ” myuser ” with password. No suitable driver found for connection”.

Maximum number of idle dB connections to retain in pool.


You can use the taglib directive to tell Tomcat what libraries to load and where they are. The ” include ” directive lets you insert the unprocessed content of an external file.

That is, scriptlets are safe and secure! Let’s try out the connection pooling.

Java Server-Side Programming

In other words, we can use this tag in any of the following ways: In a servlet, you need to use out. The request parameter ” guess ” defined in the form matches the method setGuess in the bean. Alternatively, you can specify the TLD filename, i.

In fact, we shall see later that a JSP page is internally translated into a Java servlet.

The form contains a text field with named ” guess “. Possible XML nodes include: This is a standalone tag without body content. It is often used to retrieve the query parameters suitabpe the request message. It accepts “runtime request-time expression values” rtexprvalue.

Integer instead of a result set. Keep your life in sync.

mysql – Error only using JSTL (No suitable driver found for dataSource) – Stack Overflow

Using GnuPG with Mozilla – http: You can use session ‘s attributes to pass information between pages within this session, via methods getAttribute “name” and setAttribute “name”, object. Write the main page ” siutable. Provide a Tag Library Descriptor File: The dynamic contents are generated via programming logic and inserted into the static template.


I’m using this code in Servlets to use the Database: The presentation and business logic can be cleanly separated. A transaction is a sequence of database operations that must either succeed or fail as a group. A JSP action may contain sub-action.

If numguess already exists, use the existing. The destination page can access the new parameters via request.

For DB2 it should be different. It is interesting to see that there is no private variable guessno setters for successhintand numGuesses. Although you can also use the dot operator as an indexing operator, e. The generated servlet for ” first. Java’s power and portability.