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One of the PCI slots is orange and MSI says that this slot is special for communication devices, but no further info is given. The first bios release v1. There you will have the choice of selecting one of the six levels: As a matter of fact, the solution used by these two boards is fanless, while the north bridge cooler from K9N Diamond uses a fan. Realistically with nTune, there is no longer a need to go into the BIOS to adjust settings, now you can do everything within Windows. If you believe any of the information posted below is inaccurate please contact me. Supports up to two standard floppy drives.

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Thanks for the replies. The Creative Sound Blaster audio controller is also a high selling point, not found very often on other mainboards. Introduction K9N Diamond a.

The k9nn think I can think of is the audio cable from the soundcard to the Dia,ond is 3pin card to 4pin Sub with the extra pin grey being the side speakers.

As the Enhanced Performance Profiles description implies, it adds performance profiles to the memory SPD in addition to the conservative compatibility settings already programmed in. Main menu choices are: If I download the drivers off the Creative website for the SoundBlaster Audigy SE and try to install it tells me, “Setup was unable to detect a supported product on your system.


MSI K9N Diamond Motherboard Review

Main power comes from a standard ATX12V v2. This motherboard also has an extra 12V power connector JPWR2 using a regular peripheral power plug, although I am unsure what this is specifically used for. This motherboard provides two x16 PCI Express slots that truly run at x16 l9n two video cards are installed.

Another gamers dream is the dual-gigabit LAN which allows the user to prioritize network traffic.

Cooling solution used by K9N Diamond. We hope other manufacturers start to adopt this same idea soon. Have you tried this driver?

K9N Diamond Audio

On the mainboard proper there are three USB 2. This motherboard does not have any cooling solution on its voltage regulator transistors, which is quite strange for a company like MSI. The NorthBridge heatsink is made up of 26 aluminum fins and is cooled by a 40mm fan.

Most of the connectors on the mainboard have been color coded to assist assembly and prevent errors. To use DDR2 dual channel on this motherboard, you will have to install one module on a green socket and the other module on an orange socket.

MSI K9N Diamond, Socket AM2, AMD Motherboard

Whether you’re a novice or experienced computer user, the benefits of EPP are immediate. There are four USB 2. On the mainboard you will find: Friday, December 28, There are the two usual RAID configurations available: One of the PCI slots is orange and MSI says that this slot is special for communication devices, but no further info is given. On the rear panel you will find: DIMM sockets 1 and 2 are green and sockets 3 and 4 are orange.


The placement of the DIMM slots on the mainboard do not conflict with any other slots or ports, making this mainboard itself very nicely laid out.

MSI K9N Diamond – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce SLI Overview – CNET

The included Aydio 2 acts as a Port 80 card to help diagnose problems during boot-up and may be very useful in case installation problems arise.

Had a look around the forums for any info, but found none. The motherboard is compatible with older ATX 1. Home Diamonnd Search Login Register. This is a significant cost savings for those who want professional grade sound without having to pay for an additional sound card.

By the way, if you need to conduct overclocking manually, you also need to disable the Dynamic OverClocking first. For those who like to push their PCs, it enables quick and easy overclocking.

We suggest the user to make sure that your CPU can afford to overclock regularly first.