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I have had hang problems with the unit that required repeated Resets. But every time the unit has been turned off completely, the customization is gone when I power the unit back up. By iznenadjenje , Junior Member on 25th November , Thread Deleted Email Thread. So what do you have on it? This creates two files for each reference station seletced. I would start investigating by connecting another device that supports ActiveSync and see if that is recognized.

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Post Processing is an mwgellan on the MobileMapper 6 software, so you need two license codes, one for the MobileMapper software, and one for the PostProcessing option.

It seems Ashtech then were taken over by Spectra Precision which belongs to Trimble so the latest MobileMapper models are sold under the Spectra Precision brand. Maybe the stuff there will help you. Any one with ideas where i mmagellan get the maps. I was able to run it but I can’t seem to assign it to a button. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. You may be able to access file explorer or the CE shell if it wasn’t removed.


Magellan MobileMapper 6 GPS – Part 3 – Karl Hennermann

If such a folder does not exist, create it. I have not checked or reproduced the technical problems she reported, so I cannot confirm. I also have trouble making individual windows close and move with touch screen commands, and sometimes they don’t reven respond to actifesync “escape” and “enter” buttons.

Everything there is part of ROM and you can not get rid of it.

Am I correct that the RMs that you customized stay customized when you go through a complete powerdown? I successfully installed the customization. Notify me of new comments via email. Can anyone point me to a good WinCE web site?

The raw data file is loaded and listed in the bottom table. If you turn off your and restart it, when you go to the CE desktop through the secret menu later, are the icons for the new programs still all there? Please read site rules 2 There is no software to erase on the unit. Select the map you were using in the field, e. I recently upgraded to the new firmware.

Magellan MobileMapper 6 GPS – Part 3

We post-process our data using a software tool called MobileMapper Office. If you don’t have ActiveSync, you can download it on the Microsoft mavellan here. It is against the rules and you will be banned if you persist doing so.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Repeat aftivesync all reference files are loaded. I can’t get the system to store the blank desktop instead of the one that says “Windows CE.

The video quality is impressive. Thanks for pointing out the broken link, I fixed it. The configuration survived a magdllan operation without losing icons. Changing batteries in the wrong order may cause memory erasure with loss of track log data.

Why do you not have post processing?

Windows CE Core 5 on GPS unit Magellan

Has anyone tried installing and running iGuidance or TomTom on it? It comes as a ZIP file.

In any case I still like the Magellan device for its relative simplicity and consider it good for semi-professional and occasional use. Save Password Forgot your Password?