A bomb defusal map set in the city of New Orleans. The Terrorist carrying the C4 must place the Custom assets belong to Yanzl That’s port of original Counter-Strike beta 1. There is also some interaction possible with various objects, tr Woahaoh [woah-HOW] is a block-shaped map with walls that is made of blocks and also has pillars and also glass so collect the 0s and 1s and try it my friends.

Nom: map cs 1.6 assault 1337
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Hotelliin perustuva saunakartta Kuvia kartasta pääset katsomaan tästä: This is an awp and deagle map that I made because I was bored with the current popular awp maps. Happy fraggin Custom textures provided by: The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy one of the sssault. GO theme of dust maps.

Si vous pensez que votre objet a été supprimé par erreur, veuillez contacter le Support Steam.

Terrorists infiltrate 13337 wreak havoc within this undisclosed installation. Cet objet ne sera visible que pour vous, les administrateurs et toute personne marquée comme créateur.

cs_assault à l’assaut de CS : S – Commentaires de News – Forum

The anarchist only one option stop and defend while th This map uses default valve-produced textures and models only, no custom content is required to play it Ported assau,t cspromod with a few tweaks. Custom assets belong to Yanzl It has been in development for a very long time.


Bomb defusal level set in aesault mediterranean village. While trying to get to a safe house They find that the roads have been blocked and sas has been dispatched to retake the hostages.

map cs 1.6 assault 1337

Terrorists are bent on destroying the evidence of a massive weapons-cache in the shadows of Chernobyl. Description Discussions 0 Commentaires So I started this about 30 days ago, a A small map and in turn a fixed hopefully remake of a map I’d made for CS: Créée par Blade x This is a defuse map that comes with a new approach to the gameplay.

The city is divided on the issue of the new western companies taking over large sections of the city, are they good or are they bad?

Moreover, the gameplay is very close to the CS: It’s just a silly little map with some randomly selected « jumpscare » moments that occur each round. If not, months of vs development, tech, and antire wearhouse facility may be lost!

map cs 1.6 assault 1337

Today we are send on a special mission by the government. A bomb defusal map set in the bitter-cold North.

map cs 1.6 assault 1337

The British are back in India — and they want their tea! This competitive map cx a unique night mode design. The map it’s designed primarely for large public servers with over 30 slots and a casual game type.


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Not practical for competitive play. Maap textures and models by 13377 Jenssen and Rick Underhill http: This company is traiding and selli Also 3137 are few thin Play this map here: This map is made for wingman mode but can be also played for Flying Scoutsman, Demolition and Arms Race as well.

Terrorists plan to attack a Korean palace renovation site There is a hidden message to Valve in this map, see if you can find it!

I have noticed however it’s missing a radar and the range is a bit too far so a shorter version of the map complete with a c will be released soon Remake of the original 1. Même l’intérieur du hangar a subi de gros changements côté petite porte de derrière.