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When you are using unixODBC you can list installed data sources using:. Applications do not have to add braces around the attribute value after the DRIVER keyword unless the attribute contains a semicolon ; , in which case the braces are required. You can look states up in the ODBC specification. The ODBC defined attributes are:. We used unixODBC 2. Supported applications include OpenOffice.

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Practically, in unix, very few drivers come with the ability to create a DSN via a GUI interface and in this case you can define your data source in a odbc. Access OData services like you would any standard database – read, write, mhsql update etc. Easysoft Consultancy Services Our onsite and offsite consultancy enables our customers to keep their attention focused on the systems that run their businesses while we take care of the data access layer.

Kdbc can supply ODBC drivers for many databases isak operating systems. Once you have a connection handle and have connected to a data source you allocate statement handles to execute SQL or retrieve meta data. If the connection string contains enough information, the driver connects to the data source and copies InConnectionString to OutConnectionString.

Now we’ve covered creating handles, connection and basic result-set generating functions we can actually write a complete program which does something useful i.

Access Exact Online like you would a database – read, write, and update Accounts, Divisions, Opportunities, etc. In Enterprise Architect, open the file-based project or template from which you are creating the project on the repository.


Easysoft SDK The Easysoft SDK is a comprehensive toolkit that provides developers with a consistent, flexible, quick and easy development environment for the creation and delivery of custom ODBC drivers for your data source.

Here are some examples:. This number is often extremely useful to the driver developers in locating an internal error or state.

Database Drivers – The Data Driver Index

Note Most InfoTypes require the connection handle to be in a connected state since they are returning information about the driver. This is the first handle you will need as everything else is effectively in the environment. You can find out the unixODBC version you are using with:.

This single-tier architecture results in better response time and throughput and reduces the cost of deploying and maintaining applications. Step Action See also 1 In Enterprise Architect, open the file-based project or template from which you are creating the project on the repository.

Access PreEmptive Analytics like you would a database – receive updates about feature utilization, exceptions, session keys, etc. DataDirect’s Informix ODBC driver delivers the same advanced feature set of our industry-standard ODBC drivers, offering robust functionality, better performance, and higher availability than any other Informix connectivity solution. If you ask for ODBC 3 behavior:.

Access ISAM Files From Desktop Tools

As, an example, the following C function takes a function name string, handle type and handle and retrieves all the diagnostics associated with that handle. The driver offers unprecedented ease of use and compatibility.

It is expected you already understand the C programming language, and are able to edit, compile and link programs. Each handle type has attributes which you can query and set and a diagnostic oddbc which can be queried for errors and diagnostic information.


Note that handles generally need to be freed in the opposite order to which they were allocated and that handles cannot be freed if they are in use e.

Access ISAM Files From Desktop Tools

However, all the C examples should work equally well on MS Windows and other operating systems with some mysq, alterations e. One driver simultaneously supports Oracle versions 8i, 9i, 10g, and 11g.

You will need an ODBC driver and a working database to connect to. Run the script to create the required database schema. A result-set is a list of rows and columns in a statement which you can retrieve e.

Take a look at the technical description below for more information. Create a new empty database and configure it to your installation’s defaults. If the ‘Open Project’ dialog displays, click on the Cancel button to open with no project loaded.

Further explanation of these headers can be found later. Supported applications and interfaces include ApplixWare, OpenOffice. When the process is complete, you have created a project on a MySQL database and can now connect to it and open it from Enterprise Architect.